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About Our Puppets

If you’re looking for a wide variety of puppets suited for various uses events, functions and purposes, you’ve come at the right place! May it be for your home’s entertainment or in schools, church events, medical offices, whether you you need them as mascots, child therapy tools, educational toys or what have you - wherever or whatever it may be, THIS is your one stop shop for that! Here are 6 Main Product Categories that we primarily offer:


Glove Puppets

Recommended for ages 3 and up. Just about 15 inches in height, the mouth and hands are movable for better puppeteering experience. No Arm Rod as you can manually enter your hand through the bottom of the puppet. It has pinky and thumb slots where your hand can do their magic. Of course, it needs some practice to get the hang of things as you operate with glove puppets. These types of puppets, however, are not recommended for big events, though they’re the perfect find as toys or if you’re on a small gathering and is on a tight budget.


Full/Half Body Puppets

Recommended for ages 9 and up Made from special foam with linings of fancy nylon lacra, these puppets are around 30 inches tall, comes with detachable legs made from button type snaps, allowing them to be used in full body ventriloquy or behind the stage as a half body. The mouths hinged inside allow your hands to fit comfortably in place without the need for straps, or other contraptions, making it ultra comfortable for you to manipulate the puppet. Package comes with one arm rod but you can buy more rods in our Accessories category. Quite simply. These puppets are most affordably priced yet very professional looking which makes them perfect for church performances or big events where great looking puppets are needed.


Full Body Puppets

Recommended for ages 9 and up Ranging from 25-29 inches in size stuffed with poly-fill soft material making them light weight and easily manageable. Same with half/full body puppets, it comes with 1 arm rod which can be clipped to either hand for movement. Please check out our Accessories Category if you are in need of additional rods. If ever you wonder how the Muppets or Sesame Street type puppets work, then it’s because of these rods. Made with high quality materials but sold very reasonably, these types of puppets make best sellers among our product line as they have proven time and time again to be very durable and is a great investment for those starting out in the ventriloquy industry.



As we all know, marionettes have string contraptions attached to an airplane-like control which, when angled right, controls the puppet to either walk, jump or dance. The issue before though, is when the strings get all tangled up during the act! Good thing that these marionettes now come with removable strings for you to easily untangle stubborn tangles by simpling popping out the peg in the control bar.


Realistic Animals

From the term itself, these puppets are meticulously crafted to capture the essence of particular animals, making them as true-to-life as possible. All have hand entries through the bottom for movable mouths. You may want to check on the descriptions of each realistic animal puppet for more information on what you can do with these types of puppets.


Deluxe Puppets

These puppets have “SPECIAL” implicitly written all over them. Anyways, some of these types come with Blacklights, finger, face, signing and even swallowing! Well, yes these descriptions might seem a little weird, so please do refer to their individual descriptions for a clearer understanding on how special these deluxe puppets are.


Don’t hesitate to ring us up for any questions, inquiries, price quotations or what shenanigans you have regarding our products!